Welcome to West Middle School's Teams page!

  • Welcome to West Middle School's Teams page!

    West Middle School believes in the team-teaching concept and has divided students of two sixth grade teams and two seventh grade teams.  Each team teacher teaches the core subjects Reading, English, Social Studies, Math, and Science.  Team teaching fosters student learning, creativity, and potential in a cooperative atmosphere by keeping students in one group.
    6th Grade Teams:  Bobcats & Jaguars   ------    7th Grade Teams : Cougars and Tigers
  • Bobcats

    Math - Susan Rhoads

    English - Tiffany Brown

    Geography - Amanda Meadows

    Science - Linda Broome

    Accelerated English - Josette Kelle

    Reading - Dianne Degan




    Math - Angela Parent

    English - Dianna Jones

    Geography- Jeremy McBride

    Science - Gaye Ann  Grace

    Accelerated Math - Lora Haub

    Reading - Kassie Bridges

  • Cougars 

    Math - Laura Layton

    English - Valerie Huffer

    Geography - Jotham Andrews

    Science - Michelle Walker

    Accelerated Geography -  John Reynolds  

    Reading- Terry Muchmore




    Math - Angela McLaflin

    English - Miranda Fields

    Geography - Jeremiah Belt

    Science - Sarah O Rear

    Accelerated Science - Michael Webb

    Reading-Chawnte Sober