Ponca City Schools Administration

  • Ponca City Schools Administration


    Superintendent of Schools Ms. Shelley Arrott 580-767-8000
    Executive Director of Human Resources/TLE Mr. Curtis Layton 580-767-8000
    Executive Director of Business & Finance Ms. Brenda Storie 580-767-8000
    Executive Director of Curriculum Ms. Barbara Cusick 580-767-8000
    Associate Director of Curriculum Ms. Teri Vogele 580-767-8000
    Executive Director of Operations Mr. Bret Smith 580-767-8000
    Director of Maintenance Mr. Tony Smith 580-767-8085
    Child Nutrition Director Consultant  Mr. Jeff Denton 580-718-3990
    Assistant Child Nutrition Director Ms. Liz Glaser 580-718-3991
    Director of Alternative Education Ms. Karla Streeter 580-718-3850
    Director of Special Services Ms. Amy Swartz 580-767-8000
    Director of Technology Mr. Ryan Dooley 580-767-8000
    Director of Transportation Mr. Randy Empting 580-767-8088
    Director of Athletics Mr. Jason Leavitt 580-767-8075
    Public Information Coordinator Ms. Mary Ladd 580-352-4188


    Building Principals & Assistant Principals

    Ponca City High School Principal Ms. DaLana Hawkins 580-767-9500
    Ponca City High School Dean of Students Mr. Ryan Shelton 580-767-9500
    Ponca City High School Asst. Principal Ms. Krystina Muralt 580-767-9500
    Ponca City High School Asst. Principal Mr. Sean Taglialatela 580-767-9500
    East Middle School Principal Mr. Denton Long 580-767-8010
    East Middle School Asst. Principal Mr. Keith Crocker 580-767-8010
    West Middle School Principal Ms. Stacey Sattre 580-767-8020
    West Middle School Asst. Principal Ms. Catherine Bible 580-767-8020
    West Middle School Asst. Principal Mr. Kevin LaRue 580-767-8020
    Garfield Elementary Principal Ms. Katy Thomason 580-767-8030
    Liberty Elementary Principal Ms. Lori Cox 580-767-8040
    Lincoln Elementary Principal Ms. Liz Hargraves 580-767-8050
    Lincoln Elementary Asst. Principal Ms. Dawn Mills 580-767-8050
    Roosevelt Elementary Principal Ms. Ronda Merrifield 580-767-8060
    Trout Elementary Principal Ms. Carla Fry 580-767-8070
    Union Elementary Principal Ms. Jennifer Dye 580-767-8035
    Woodlands Elementary Principal Mr. Tim Williams 580-767-8025
    Washington Pre-K Center Principal Ms. Crystina Fisher 580-767-8080