ACT Prep

  • Textbook:  The Real ACT Prep Guide, ACT Inc., 2007; Chad Cargill's ACT, Chad Cargill, Getting Into The ACT, ACT Inc., 1997

    ACT Prep is a course designed to help students prepare for the ACT college admission test.  The semester course is taught two sections - English/Reading and Math/Science.  One quarter, you will be taught by Ms. Betsy Easley and your focus will be the English and reading tests.  The other quarter will focus on the math and science tests.  All ACT Prep students will be taught general test taking strategies and skills specifically designed for the ACT.  In the past, most students who have practiced and applied these strategies have realized an increase in their composite ACT scores.  Students enrolled in this course during the fall semester, should be well prepared to take the ACT on the December national test date.  Students enrolled during the spring semester should be prepared to test on the April or June national test dates.  

Supply List:

  • Supply List:  pocket folder with brads, scientific calculator, paper, pencil or pen.