• Mrs. Logan's second graders performed a plate dance to the Nutcracker March.


  • Fifth graders entertain Lincoln students by playing
    Jingle Bells on their alto recorders.

Walking the Miles

  • Lincoln students and staff are trying to walk their way (in miles) to Hawaii.  Students are helping out by walking at least two laps on the track each recess.  Some students have actually "stepped it up" by doing extra laps and miles.  Those students received pedometers.  Students who have actually walked enough laps to equal a marathon (26.1 miles) received special t-shirts.  Pedometers and t-shirts were donated by our PIE Partners. 

Cafe Aloha

  • CAFE ALOHA is the place to eat for students earning enough DOJO points.



Race with the Teacher

  • Third grade teacher, Mr. Smith, isn't all talk.  He shakes hands with a student, after challenging him to a friendly race on the Lincoln track.