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    2018-2019 ONLINE Registration (Enrollment)

    Welcome to the Ponca City Public Schools Registration Center! All students planning to attend Ponca City Public Schools in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year must register online!  

    For families without access to the internet/computer you may find assistance at the Registration Center at 111 West Grand Avenue.  At this time, registration cannot be completed from an iPad, iPhone or other smart device.   

    Required documentation for new students must be turned in to the Registration Center at 111 West Grand Avenue. 

    Registration Requirements

    Registration Requirements are listed on this page which includes a Checklist page to print out for New and Returning Students. Parents are strongly encouraged to register their students during the summer registration window to ensure proper placement. Registration will NOT be accepted until all Required Documents are complete and up to date. Incomplete registrations may result in limited school or class availability.

    Questions & Answers

    At Ponca City Public Schools we are making every effort to simplify Registration by providing a streamlined process.  Find answers to your questions on our Questions & Answers page. If you need more information, please request assistance at our new Registration Center at 111 West Grand Avenue, (580) 718-3834.



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