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Mr. Robertson's 5th Grade

  • Mr. Robertson's 5th Grade

    August 21, 2013

    Robertson’s Report

    Greetings from 5th grade! Each week your child will bring home a Wednesday folder with last week’s work in it. Please look through it with your child. On the back of this note will be the vocabulary words for the next week.

      Your child will be bringing home a reading log each night. They need to read for 20 minutes and you need to sign it. The logs are checked each day for a signature. If your child did not read or did not return the log he/she will take their book and their log with them to lunch. After they eat they will read. They will not go out for recess. They will return to class when recess is over. Class work is due either at the end of the day or first thing the next morning. If a paper was sent home to be corrected and/or completed it is due first thing in the morning. Any homework not turned in the next day is a zero. We have a detention room this year. If your child does not return his/her homework the following day he/she will take their lunch and their late work to the detention room. They will not go out for recess. They will return to class when we come in from recess.

     Math is very fast paced. Your child has been working on their math facts since 3rd grade. They are required to memorize their math facts. My suggestion is to drill them nightly either verbally or with flash cards. They need to have them memorized by Thanksgiving. Fifth grade math revolves around multiplication. Memorizing them now will ensure their success in math this year.

     In reading, we read our story Monday thru Thursday in class. Your child may take their reading book home for their at home reading but make sure it is returned the next day. We will be taking a comprehension test on Fridays. Wednesday we take a spelling pretest. If he/she passed the pretest on Wednesday they will not have to take it on Friday.

     On Friday’s the 5th graders will be rotating to the other 5th grade classrooms. I will be teaching science, Mr. Jernigan will be working with research skills and reteaching any lessons that need to be retaught, and Ms. Mantz will be teaching social studies.

     I look forward to working with you and your child this year to make this a successful year. If you have any questions or concerns you may call the school at 767-8050 and leave a message, you may email me at

     Please see the document manager page to download classroom forms, spelling lists, and reading logs.


    Mr. Robertson