Child Find - School Aged Children - Ages 5-21 years old


    School Aged Children - Ages 5-21 years old

         If your child is enrolled in the Ponca City Public School District, and you have concerns about your child's academic and/or behavior progress, it is important to speak to your child's teacher or the school counselor. The school counselor and teacher will document interventions that they have and/or will be attempting to help your child succeed in the classroom. The school personnel will keep documentation to see if the interventions have an impact on your child's performance. You are encouraged to take an active role in communicating with the school personnel regarding the interventions attempted in the classroom in order to reinforce the skills at home.

         After implementing the interventions, you and the school personnel may come to the conclusion that your child may have a disability. The school personnel will ask for your written permission to conduct an evaluation to determine your child's educational needs and to assist in possible identification of suspected disabilities. You will be asked to sign a Parent Consent form and the school personnel will go over your Parent Rights under IDEA. The evaluation will be at no cost to you and must be completed within 45 school days after we have your consent. Therefore, your child will remain in the regular education classroom setting while awaiting the evaluation. Your child's teacher will continue implementing interventions and you will need to continue working together with the school regarding your child's performance.

         After the testing is completed and all components are gathered, then school personnel will set up a meeting with you to discuss whether or not your child is eligible for special education and related services. If your child is identified as having a specific disability under IDEA, and is eligible for special education and related services, then you will have the opportunity to participate in the development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child. Parental written consent on the IEP is required before your child can receive special education and related services.

         If you have any questions, please feel free to call your child's teacher or the Director of Special Services at 580-718-3816. Your input regarding your child is very important to the school personnel as they design programs to meet the needs of your child.