Child Find - Sooner Start 0-3

  • SoonerStart - Ages 0-3 Years

         Infants and toddlers (Birth through age 2 years, 11 months) who have disabilities are provided services by the Sooner Start Early Intervention Program. If your child is under the age of three (3) and you suspect your child may have a disability or you think your child is exhibiting delays in his/her development, contact the Kay County Sooner Start Program at 405-624-0726.

         If your child is already being served by the Sooner Start Program, then it is important that you contact your Sooner Start Coordinator for further information regarding the transition process at about six months prior to your child turning three (3) years old. Your Sooner Start Coordinator will assist you in setting up a meeting with the Ponca City Public School District's Child Find Coordinator, Jan McKay, to make a plan for your child.

         A Transition Planning Conference will be held at least 90 days prior to your child's third birthday. School personnel will review existing data, including the current evaluation and services from Sooner Start. Our staff may need to gather additional information and may need to obtain your consent to conduct additional evaluations to assist the team in making a determination for eligibility under IDEA. Feel free to bring your child to the Transition Planning Conference for introductions to school personnel. Our team will enjoy meeting your child. If the team believes we need additional testing, then we will schedule another time for you to bring your child back to the Child Find Office for the testing.