Dressed For Class

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    All students should learn and know what days of the week are gym days for them and dress for activity on those days.

    Wear clothing for catching, throwing, running, jumping and sudden stops.  Loose or saggy pants and clothes are possible reasons for accidents or embarassment in class activities. Young ladies should wear shorts underneath skirts or dresses. Safe shoes for gym are the type that cover the heel, toes and arch of your feet. The shoes need a rubber or soft type sole that helps with traction for running and stopping. The shoe should fit snug over the arch and heel to avoid coming loose or off when running or stopping.

    Students wearing flip flops, shoes or boots with high heels will not be allowed to participate that day. Sandals will be accepted provided they have a heel strap and soft rubber soles.

    If any student has a health or medical condition that may be affected by physical education activities, please inform Mr. Moorhead. Please send a note with the health or medical condition and student name.  Students will be expected to participate in normal class activities unless Mr. Moorhead has received a note from a parent or the student has an obvious recent injury.