Jeopardy Games Introduction

  • Although I did not create all of these, I have accumulated them for ease of use... Authors generally gave themselves credit. You can use them as templates to create your own games too! (Scroll to the bottom to see the links)

    Directions: Click on category link. Click on file, choose open. Once in, start the slide show presentation. Your first screen will be the Jeopardy main table. Click on the category or answer you wish to choose, just like the game show. The answer will show on the screen, you guess the question. Click on the answer screen and the question screen will be displayed. Once you are done with that answer and question, move your mouse to the lower right corner of the screen (over the house) and you will return to the main game screen. (there are known bugs with the template not showing followed links properly... i.e. not showing in black once clicked... I will try to get these fixed, however, I wanted to get the games out there for students to study)