Where? What?

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    1. Where do I go when my parents/bus drops me off in the morning?    

    • We all meet in the auditorium every morning. If you are sitting in the balcony looking at the stage, the Explorers sit on the right side. NO one sits in the lower two rows by the ledge.   Be looking for an "EXPLORER" sign held up by one of the Explorer teachers.


    2. When do I get my student ID, so I can eat lunch?

    • Those of you who came to enrollment got your picture taken for your student ID. On the first day of school, students will be called down in the morning by "teams," and IDs will be handed out sometime before lunch time

    3. What if I get lost and get counted tardy (late) to class?

    • Don't worry about getting lost. West is a big place ,but teachers are out in the halls between every class to help you. All "you" have to do is stop and ask one of us. We are more than happy to help you get to where you need to be. We usually work better by you telling us the teacher's name instead of the room number you are looking for. We don't know room numbers very well. Don't worry about being counted tardy those first few days of school. We always give students a few days of getting used to their schedule before we start counting you tardy. 


    4. What if I can't open my locker?

    • Once again, no worries. Most 6th graders have trouble opening their lockers for a while. Teachers are out in the halls to assist you. You can even come up with your parents once the building is open, and you can have a chance to practice. Or you can have your parents by a combination lock at WalMart, so you can get used to how these types of locks work. Here is a quick thing to remember when trying to open your locker....right....left....right. This is the direction to turn your combination. AND....you have to go past the second number the first time around. For example, if your combination is 32 12 24. Turn to the right to 32, go to the left to 12 but you have to skip past it the first time around, then go to the right to 24. Sounds confusing, I know, but trust me, it's easy once you get the hang of it. 


    5. Where is the bathroom?

    • There are many bathrooms in our building. Once you get to your first hour class, your teachers will tell you where these are located.