Third Grade Recorder Lessons

  • Third Grade Recorder Lessons

    As part of our 3rd grade music curriculum, students will learn to play the soprano recorder weekly in music class. 3H lessons are every Wednesday and 3S lessons are every Thursday.  

    New recorders & cases are available in the school office for $4.00. Students will also need a 3-ring binder and a box of top loading sheet protectors for the music which is furnished.


    Students will learn more quickly if they take their recorder and music home each day and practice at least 5 minutes each day.  They are told to keep the recorder and folder in their backpack unless they are practicing.  This insures they will always have their recorder at school when needed.

    Thanks for encouraging your child to practice at home each day. 



     See Recorder Karate link for our song list.


    Some helpful practice hints:

    1. Cover all the holes tightly-leaks cause squeaks!

    2. The left hand is placed above the right hand.

    3. Breathe (don't blow) air into the mouthpiece.

    4. The tongue and teeth are formed as if to speak "doo" for each sound.

    5.  Never put your teeth on the recorder....only your lips.