5th Grade - Social Studies

  • Social Studies:

    Colonial America

    Revolutionary War

    Constitutional Era


5th Grade - Writing

  • Writing: 





    Must focus on the 6 traits:  Main Idea, Organization, Voice, Fluency, Word Choice, and Conventions


  • 5th Grade- Math:

    Number and Operations:  Dividing by 2 digit numbers, Decimal Place Value, Compare/Order Decimals and Fractions, Add/Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers, Properties

    Algegraic Reasoning:  Tables and Rules, Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane, Patterns

    Geometry and Measurement:  Volume of 3D shapes, Classify and Construct Triangles

    Data and Probability:  Create and Analyze line graphs and double-bar graphs, mean, median, mode, range

  • 5th Grade Reading:

    Summarizing, Main Idea/Details, Sequencing, Compare/Contrast, Cause/Effect, Fact/Opinion, Problem/Solution, setting, plot, characters, theme, author's purpose, inferencing, predicting, Greek/Latin roots, prefixes/suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, analogies, homographs, homophones

  • 5th Grade Science:

    Solar System, Chemical Testing, Energy, Plants