Assistant Treasurer

  • Jan Miller - Assistant TreasurerJan Miller

    Phone: 580-718-3810 - EMail

    The Assistant Treasurer assists the Executive Director of Finance and District
    Treasurer with the financial operations of the District.

    Jan Miller began working for the District in 2004.

Encumbrance Clerk

  • Lee Ann Allyn Lee Ann Allyn - Encumbrance Clerk
    Phone: 580-718-3820 - EMail

    The Encumbrance Clerk processes purchase requisitions and purchase orders for all funds
    (except Activity Fund).   She encumbers the funds; purchase orders are created, so the financial
    obligation for payments of goods &/or services is set up through district budgets for Board
    of Education approval. She also processes W-9 documents for vendors.

    LeeAnn Allyn has been working for the District since 1990.

Accounts Payable

  • Cheryl Burnett - Accounts Payable ClerkCheryl Burnett
    Phone: 580-718-3826 - EMail

    The Accounts Payable Clerk processes invoices for payments for all funds (except Activity Fund), distributes
    checks for all these funds, and maintains billing files for vendors.

    Cheryl Burnett began working for the District in 1995.

Activity Accounts

  • Carla Webb - Activity Accounts
    Carla Webb Phone: 580-718-3819 - EMail

    The Activity Fund Clerk processes activity fund purchase orders and invoices for payment, distributes
    activity fund checks, maintains billing files and processes W-9 documents for Activity Fund vendors.

    Carla Webb has been working for the District since 1998.

Copy Center & Distribution

  • Tammy Roath - Copy Center/DistributionTammy Roath
    Phone: 580-718-3846 - EMail

    Tammy Roath is in charge of copy needs for the District. She copies, collates, staples, folds, sorts, counts, etc. for all sites.      She is also in charge of the District's postage needs and works closely with the post office to ensure all mail is sent  accurately and efficiently.

    Tammy Roath began working for the District in 1999.