Activity Fund Forms

  • Activity Fund

    Activity Fund Budget
    Yearly amended budget for approved sub-accounts in the Activity Fund
    The goal of this handbook is to oprovide each user of the Ponca City Public Schools' Activity Fund a "how to / hands on" guide for collecting, depositing, and expending funds gathered for special purposes.
    Activity Fund New Account Request
    Request for a new activity fund sub-account.
    Activity Fund Purchase Request
    Request for Purchase Order or Request for Payment for Existing Purchase Order. This form is also used for Partial Payment and Request for Transfer of Funds.
    Activity Fundraiser Approval Form
    This request must be turned in to the School Principal or Designated Administrator at least three (3) weeks before the date of the requested activity.
    Fundraiser Reconciliation Form
    Fundraiser Reconciliation Form must to completed after each fundraiser and submitted to District Business Office.
    Request for Activity Fund Cash Advance
    To be used by teacher/sponsor when receiving check for trip expenses, etc.